Perfect Limit Green Crabs

Need Green Crabs? We have them!  Call Adam at  (978) 818-3238

Perfect Limit Green Crabs sells crabs in bulk to distributers and wholesalers
and now to the general public.

Our crabs are packed in salt water soaked burlap bags. Each bag holds 30 Lbs. of crabs. Please call for pricing.
Crabs can be shipped or picked up at our place.
We guarantee the crabs to be live upon delivery.
Samples are available.
For more details or to place an order, please call Adam at the above number. Leave a message if he's not available.

A Little History of Perfect Limit Green Crabs

Perfect Limit Green Crabs was started by Adam H. Smith, a renowned duck hunting guide, in the off-season  of 1995. He had been trapping crabs in the waters of Plum Island Sound since. His daily catch averaged about 3,000 Lbs. of crabs. Sadly, Adam passed away this past spring; however, his son, Adam, Jr., has taken over and will continue the business.

Crabs are packed in burlap bags that have been soaked in salt water. The salt water insures that the crabs will stay alive for a very long time. Each bag holds 30 lbs. of crabs. The bags are stacked on pallets in a cool area awaiting transport. Trucks pickup the crabs every two days and are transported to New York for distribution to dealers and wholesalers. The crabs are predominately sold for bait; however, recently they have gained popularity as an excellent substitute for regular crabs in seafood dishes.

The green crab season is from April 1st to July 1st and again from August 1st to December 1st.

A Little History of the Green Crab

The Green Crab is native to European waters.  The crabs made their way to Massachusetts in the 1800s from Europe by hitching a ride on the bottom of sailing ships coming to the Cape Cod region. Since, the crabs have spread as far north as Nova Scotia. They are an invasive species that preys on crustaceans such as soft shell clams and scallops. They are also destroying the coastal shoreline habitats by burrowing and uprooting sea grasses. In recent years their population has started to grow in part to warming sea temperatures.  With the over abundance of crabs and the harm that they are doing, researchers and entrepreneurs have come together to figure out ways to mitigate the problem. They found that green crabs make a good fish bait for Blackfish, Tautog or Tog and are more affordable than traditional baits. Further, it has been found that the green crab is an excellent substitute for regular crabs used in seafood dishes. Thus, a new industry has sprouted of harvesting the green crab. Perfect Limit Green Crabs has been at it since 1995.

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